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Deep Web Explained

The deep web is a piece of the Internet that isn’t accessible through typical search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The deep web includes:

  • Pages that have not been indexed.
  • Fee-for-service (FFS) sites.
  • Private databases.
  • Dark websites.
deep web

Web Indexing Explained

It is easier to understand Google and its highly effective indexing technology. Most of Google’s indexing techniques rely on a method known as “crawling,” which is essentially a virtual spider that crawls across the many pages on a website that is readily available through hyperlinks clicked.

The results are passed to Google’s enormous index servers, after which the data is contextually organized and inserted into a collection of algorithms that form the search engine.

If a search engine doesn’t index your website, you must access it by following a link or inputting the complete web address into a browser.

Understanding the Deep Web

The deep web, also known as the invisible web or the invisible internet, is a subset of the Internet that search engines cannot access. Information on sites like Wikimedia is part of the surface web since it may be found using search engines. According to most experts, the deep web is significantly larger than the surface web.

Another common source of deep web content is fee-for-service sites. Although fee-for-service sites, such as Netflix, are readily available on the web, the bulk of their material is not accessible.

To view most of the information offered by these websites, customers must pay a fee, create a user id, and set up a password.

The deep web also includes private databases. Private databases can be as basic as a few photographs saved on Dropbox by friends. They might also contain financial transactions conducted via popular sites like PayPal.

The essential feature of private databases is that people want to communicate or keep track of this information without broadcasting it to the world.

Finally, the dark web is home to shady websites. The notorious Silk Road was one of the most well-known sites on the dark web. Many dark websites may be accessed using specialized search engines tailored for that purpose, but general search engines cannot discover them.

To access these search engines and sites, you’ll need to use a specific browser, Tor Browser. The dark web allows law-abiding users to avoid censorship, but it also creates possibilities for cybercrime.

The Advantages of the Deep Web

Compared to the surface web, the deep web provides a broader range of information. Information accessible via the deep web may be sites that aren’t worth listing on the surface web.

However, it also includes the most current TV shows, critical data sources for personal finance management, and stories that aren’t allowed on the surface web.

If only the surface web existed, much of the material on the deep web would not be accessible.

Another advantage of the deep web is privacy, generally provided by encryption. Encryption on the deep web allows fee-for-service websites to protect their material from nonpaying Internet users while delivering it to clients.

All types of fintech require the secure encryption of databases. Neither companies nor individuals could safely conduct financial transactions over the Internet if this security were unavailable.

The primary goal of the dark web was to provide users with increased seclusion.

Deep Web vs. Dark Web

The terms deep web and dark web are sometimes used interchangeably, although they are not synonymous. The dark web is a portion of the more excellent deep web that focuses on illegal activities and serves as a sort of parallel Internet governed by independent bodies.

On the other hand, the dark web is rife with illegal and neutral material such as paywalled publications, databases, and academic journals and research.

The dark web is dominated by illegal activities such as black markets for stolen credit cards and personal information, weapons, malware, prostitution, sex trafficking, and drug sales.

Cyber attack services such as access to botnets that can conduct distributed denial-of-service attacks are also accessible.

The dark web is home to many illegal marketplaces and forums, all of which feature illicit deals. The Empire Market, Dream Market, and Nightmare Market are just a few examples.

Is it against the law to access the Dark Web and Deep Web?

Although visiting the Dark Web is not against the law, using it to acquire unlawful material and acquire restricted items is. Surfing the dark web, for example, is legal, but obtaining pirated copies of movies and games is considered a crime.

Similarly, it is illegal to get knowledge unless the information has been classified and is essential to its security. It is also a crime to use the Dark Web for illicit material like child pornography or to buy unlawful items such as drugs or weapons.

How to Get on the Dark Web in a Safe Way

To access the dark web, you’ll need a specialized program with built-in peer-to-peer networking capabilities, in addition to other browser settings. Tor and I2P are two programs that provide these features.

Tor is an anonymity network that allows users to surf the web anonymously. These are programs with additional security tools for encrypting online traffic.

Virtual private network (VPN) software may be used to access the dark web without revealing one’s identity. Finally, a virtual private network (VPN) service adds another layer of protection in this regard.

However, even though these programs provide no perfect security, one must be careful while browsing the dark web. It is recommended not to disclose one’s true identity on the dark web as a best practice. You should also avoid using banking and other financial services through these applications.

Who Benefits from the Deep Web?

Several people benefit from the Deep Web’s ability to provide anonymous usage and communication. Individuals or organizations that have benefitted from the Deep Web in the past and continue to benefit from its existence today are listed below.

  • Whistleblowers
  • Journalists
  • Anti-Censorship and Protest Groups, as well as Anti-Government Activists
  • Oppressive Political Regimes’ Residents

What Can You Find on The Deep Web?

The Dark Web is still enormously appealing to internet users for various reasons. The hidden aspect and complicated approach to entering this realm have made it a secret world with illicit business, dark markets, attractions, and privileges available only to a few.

Credit card Numbers

Stolen credit card numbers are a major industry on the Dark Web. Credit card digits are usually available in bulk lots of a hundred or more and maybe had at low costs, making them ideal for illicit purposes.

Fake passports

The famous dark website “Fake Documents” specializes in selling high-quality counterfeit documents worldwide. For as little as $1,000, you can purchase a US passport.

Bitcoin Lottery Tickets

The Dark Web’s primary currency is bitcoin, prized for its anonymity. Bitcoin is frequently utilized for gambling and other unlawful activities, and it’s becoming increasingly common to find bitcoin lottery tickets in conjunction with a cottage industry of bitcoin lotteries.


On the Dark Web, drugs are a huge business. The Dark Web is home to every drug imaginable, including marijuana, heroin, MDMA, hallucinogenic mushrooms, crack cocaine, methamphetamines, and more.

Pharmaceuticals are commonly accessible, and many individuals substitute their prescription medicines for less than a penny on the dollar. Pain medications, Ritalin, Adderall, and Dextroamphetamine, are just a few examples of popular prescription drugs.

Stolen/Hacked Accounts

It is pretty simple to obtain illegal/ hacked accounts for popular websites and services such as Netflix, Spotify, Uber, and PayPal on the Dark Web.

Netflix accounts may be purchased for a dollar, hacked Uber accounts are used to avoid detection by law enforcement, Spotify accounts are bought for cents on the dollar, and PayPal accounts can be emptied at will.

Fake College Degrees

On the Dark Web, any name and institution are available for purchase. These official-looking papers, which may be quickly and cheaply acquired, might be obtained by anyone interested in getting a degree from Harvard, Yale, or Stanford.

3D printing services

According to a recent Business Insider article, entrepreneurial-minded people use printing technology to make counterfeit money, card skimmers, and other illicit goods. Many individuals are taking advantage of it as printing technology improves by producing official-looking papers that may be utilized in various media.

Ricin and other poisons

Ricin is a deadly poison that may kill people quickly, as it was recently spotlighted on the mega-popular television program Breaking Bad. Ricin could be purchased in bulk quantities through a Dark Web site called Black Market Reloaded.

The Black Market Reloaded was shut down after its creator was sentenced to federal prison for his role in producing the illicit drug.

Despite the closure of Black Market Reloaded, ricin may still be found on the Dark Web and a variety of other hazardous chemicals.

Fake Coupons

A flourishing market exists for phony coupons on the Dark Web, with savings ranging from fifty cents to significant discounts of more than 20 percent.

Counterfeit coupons are used at companies such as Home Depot, Lowes, and other major corporations to defrauding get significant savings by printing bar codes that seem to be legitimate.

A magnate of the counterfeit coupon business on the Dark Web was charged by the Federal Government this week with stealing more than $1 million in fraudulent coupons.

A Pocket-style EMP Generator

In China, selling tiny, pocket-sized electromagnetic pulse generators is a well-known market on the Dark Web. The applications for this tool are limitless, as it can “fry” nearby electronic devices and render them inoperable.

Users have gone to incredible lengths to generate massive quantities of credits to cheat their way to guaranteed payouts at slot machines at casinos and gambling halls.

Murder for hire/Assassination

The notion of “murder for hire” is perhaps the most well-known characteristic of the Dark Web. According to reports, contract killers may be hired on the dark side of the Internet.

However, many individuals believe that assassins do not exist on the Dark Web and that anybody stupid enough to hire their services is setting themselves up for arrest.

Plastic Explosives

If you’re looking for illicit compounds to sate your appetite, you may be shocked to learn about the real C4 plastic explosives on the Dark Net that are available in massive amounts.

Social Security Numbers

New social security numbers with credit scores of over 750 and free worldwide shipping are available from a Dark Web site called Black Bank, which calls them “Fresh.”


The Armory, a website accessible through the Dark Web, sells weapons like false AK-47s, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, IEDs missiles, and other armaments. Despite its sinister inventory of goods, The Armory claims that it will not sell to terrorist organizations.

SWAT-style body armor

Although body armor usually associated with law enforcement and the military is known as SWAT-style body protection, it is used in many other circumstances. Body protection that can withstand a high amount of force, like a bionic arm or robotic exoskeleton suit, is called “SWAT-style” body armor.

During armed conflicts, it’s uncommon to find this type of protection outside the stated application. The Armory provides customers with gun and weapons packages, including SWAT-grade protection for added security.


On the Dark Web, you may find Uranium Ore. Uranium Ore is a chemical that can be refined into weapons-grade atomic material after being mined.

Hacked Government Data

Government data has become a significant industry on the Dark Web, with many people wanting to purchase lists of thousands of emails, social security numbers, and a variety of other sensitive information.

Luxury Goods Counterfeit and Replica Market

The Dark Web’s counterfeit industry is vast. Any luxury brand such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Prada, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Gucci, or others may be found on the Dark Web. Consumers who want a designer handbag, watch, or other high-end products can get replicas for a fraction of the price.

The Deep Web Today

While the Dark Web is commonly associated with illegal, unethical, and immoral behavior, it is frequently more general and loosely defined by its network of hidden sites, which are used by a variety of people for various purposes, including maintaining privacy security, and safety.

It’s now simpler than ever to explore the Deep Web.

Today, the Tor browser is one of the most popular ways to access the Deep Web. Many people use both Tor and VPN tunnels for greater security and privacy. If that’s what you’re looking for, consider NordVPN, one of our top choices for speed and price.